dear lovers (and other strangers) in a dangerous time

im sorry i havent written, a few things:

-my computer i got for free right before i left died in the internet department – so i cant net on it anymore

-we had our boss here this whole last week and it was pretty busy, cause we both partied and worked like rock stars (or maybe just overachievers)

so….. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much has happened and i feel like i would need to quit my internship just to write about everything thats happened in our internship, but since i wont you’ll have to suffer through some lackage of blog posts and details.

but i do need you to pray….

so much that needs prayer if youre up for it. please KNOW that i 100% believe that your prayers are most def the reason that nothing insane has happened to me and lydia yet cause there is craziness and brokenness all around us (even today, one of our closest friends had her wallet with her ID and 200$USD stolen right out of her pocket.)

so thanks for your prayers!

here are some more specific items:

– finding more victims on outreach (who are also willing to testify) against a group of serial gang rapists hitting this one particular strip of girls.

– for the women and children in some of the northern cities who are publicly degraded and abused every night, for the low cost of 2.50$ CND.

-against all the attacks of evil that just keep pouring on and into our NGO. pray that w’e will be strong and united to keep fighting the good fight unhindered.

-as always, pray for safety for us but more importantly pray for safety for all the women and kids we meet who have to “choose” every night between an abusive buyer or eating and caring for their families.

-please pray that the women actually get a chance at a ‘choice’ and that there would be work opportunities that would open up for them.

– all of us could work tirelessly without God’s help and not even make a dent in the greater issues of exploitation and prostitution so keep praying for all the dents that God is making and pray that they are lasting ones in the lives of these women.


thanks guys for dealing with the heavy… if its too heavy for you just keep lifting it all up in prayer.

thanks team

thanks for all your notes and encouragements.

seriously, thank you for everything.

much love