after not being able to skype with my dad and family for about 3 weeks, i finally was able to today and my 3 year old sister came on and said,

“hi sissy, I have gum in my mouth. Bye!”

and that was it….

after 3 weeks without communication that was all the conversation she needed to be satisfied.

i thought it was adorable but also interesting; she didnt need to hear that i loved her or that i was safe, because maybe for her those basic questions were  answered by the fact that i called. and she didnt feel like she needed to say that she loved me or tell me that she was safe, because i guess in her mind the fact that she had gum in her mouth meant that her world is pretty great. so maybe all that… or maybe shes just 3…

either way, i do love that kid and i know she loves me and im so thankful to God that despite EVERYTHING this week on both sides of the world that me and my loved ones are safe and both in a position to chew gum.