what up gangsta’s
brief news update, basically just for ‘proof of life’.

so, i was going for a different type of internship but alas i can no longer claim ‘med-kit free since 93’ as lydia and i have been proudly announcing to all who care.
so i am humbled indeed…

for the last week or two i had unknowingly been rocking either strep throat, tonsillitis or a general  ‘something swollen and not right’*** as diagnosed by lydia, myself, a sweet flashlight and the internet. i knew it hurt to swallow but didnt think much of it until one day when some of the Filipino’s were complaining about how hot it was but i felt totally fine… this was NOT normal. lydia figured out that it was because i had a fever, cause shes pretty AND smart and really just the whole (internship partner) package.

so anyways, i was sick*** (SEE PICTURE: its the best pic i could get – but check; left tonsil is like 3X the size as the right)

not cool throat…

feverishly not cool…

now, it may or may not have had something to do with a friday night of karaoke followed by a sunday night of videoke but really, is there a problem, or anyone that can be blamed for two fantastic nights of screaming air supply and queen songs? i think we all know the answer…

so that…


a general lack of sleep due to roosters, dogs, occasionally fearing for my well-being at 3am

and all that “3rd world” jazz


no celine dion solos or appetite for a week

so now the med- kit is officially opened and i dont even care cause i feel like a million pesos!

ALSO if i hadn’t gotten sick then i never would have remembered all the sweet stuff thats in there! now i can either sell it off to buy more illegal DVD’s… OR…. have a 1990’s themed rave sometime before i leave…. both good options.

so all around its safe to say, praise the Lord for free drugs!

now – on another topic

our internship profiles are up on the SP website and gosh darn we are a good looking group of development agents! ( we miss you ted and hailey…)

so you can check us out here: www.samaritanspurse.ca/ourwork/internship2.aspx

ok well, i hope you’re well!

(are you well?)

well wishes and happy friday night… it was a good one!