So yep, when I post these Q & A’s from my reports (see last post) its totally a cop-out of a blog post, perong (but) i think the things that come out of answering these questions have been helpful for me to process this world and might give you a glimps into my life here. so without further adieu…

June 30 Report: Question 6.

Please list the professional goals you established at the beginning of the internship and report on progress made toward these goals:

“One way that I am making progress towards my goal of learning how to minister to women in crisis is just from being here at our ministry. Everyday I witness firsthand the transformation process the ministry has established and can see how they practically bring a woman, broken and from the streets to a place of being free and working to honour herself, her family and ultimately God. I have seen in action what I have already believed to be true – that it is not just about getting women off the street but that it is about rebuilding them as people. It is holistic healing that really transforms women in the long term, because a rescued woman who isn’t taught to value herself the way God values her will soon re-sell herself to another form of slavery; whether it is prostitution, a bad relationship or something else.”