lyd and i just got back from cambodia, or i did last week but got food poisoning last sunday night and was out of comission until thursday (not cool bangkok, sushi and/or undercooked steak…).

the jist: we had to figure out how to begin our big project of getting our organization’s library resources online and how to start the project from scratch, so we went to visit an ORG in Phnom Penh who has done similar work, to talk technical stuff with them. while we were there we got to stay with Lydia’s family and also see our internship friends on Team Cambodia: Andrea, Naomi and Jeff. They are BY FAR the funniest team! unsuspecting, put hilarious! i laughed so hard in those brief fews days…

anyways… as with most things in life i hope to HOPE to write about my time in Kuala Lumpur, Phnom Penh and Bangkok, but until then please settle for an honourable mention in 2/3 Team Cambodia’s blogs (Naomi’s has a tar antula pic).  they are pretty great and often funny blogs to follow even i wasnt being mentioned but yes, enjoy!



walang shout-out, but still worth reading just for kicks: andrea’s blog..


clockwise: Lydia, Naomi, Jeff, Steve*, Jody*, Andrea, Me (*SP Cambodia)

now if you know me, you will know that this next picture is completely unexpected

They were so good I ate 2! You can seriously fry anything and it will be semi-edible.

The Cambodian Intern's Initiation for us: Eating Tar antulas! They were so good I ate 2! You can seriously fry anything and it will be semi-edible.