PLEASE PRAY for some of the women we’ve been reaching out to; 24 of them (in two separate incidences) got taken to jail even though there is a law that protects them from being arrested. it is odd also because one of the groups was taken to a different district than the one they were arrested in, which is very suspicious. please pray that these women will not be abused, trafficked or ‘disappear’ and that they will receive a fair trial. we found out last night during our training time so half of us stayed to pray and our ministry leaders went to bring them food and supplies. It was also to make sure the police knew that these women’s whereabouts were known and to discuss the terms of their arrest on behalf of these women. the leaders also prayed with the women before they left and the women cried, surprised that our group cared for them enough to go out to jail late into the night. pray that this whole situation is under God’s hand of protection. seriously! pray! these are real girls. thank you.