well overall im really enjoying my time here

im loving sharing life with lydia – she is a gift from God

im loving sharing life with our ate’s* who are hosting us – they are faithful, wise, respectable and hilarious women

im loving sharing life with people ive met; the philippino’s are loving, jovial and hard working and the ex-pats are loving, passionate and truly here to serve.

im really NOT enjoying:
-having boobs
-being so hot that my skin feels like i have a fever all the time (dont worry mom, i dont. also this qualifies as a Its So Hot That…)
-sharing my personal space with cockroaches and salamanders – i feel like if i dont touch them they shouldnt touch me
-sharing my food and my kitchen with ants
-sharing my bed with various bugs – ants, some other thing and i think maybe fleas… they jump. but praise God nothing has bitten me yet!

so yeah

thats it for now

*(sounds like ‘ah-teh’)