this is a brief post just about some thoughts and observances i have at 2am.

– here is a pic of lydia me and our already home american friend Ziwei doing the philippino sign for good looking

– here’s a link to Lydia’s blog. Shes my partner in anti-crime here for the next 5 months and she is equally as awesome as the mangos

– it was a very long day and ended with a philippino despedida at our house… so of course that meant karaoke and lots of food!

– ITS SO HOT THAT… the 3 L tub of ice cream we got to make banana splits for the despedida almost completely melted in the 10 minutes it took us to get home from the store

– boys here dance (even when theres no girls dancing). and they are joyful.

– im very thankful for canadian health care

– im no longer phased by puppies being sold out of a bucket

– i dropped some french down at the Canadian embassey in a meeting with a Quebecois CIDA rep, and all im saying is that we got some untypical results out of that meeting: 1) an application for funding for our ministry 2) an invitation to debreif over lunch with us and her whole department in october.

– i finally unpacked my suitcase

– i have devised an anti-cockroach system in our room. we are in phase 1 – which is blocking the bathroom drain with a bucket and dont hit it when you brush your teeth. we will be moving into phase 2 this weekend, consisting of wire mesh and duct tape

– people look at you all the time if you are white. you honestly cant even pick your nose.

– people look at you even stranger if you are white and are carrying a 1 metre roll of wire mesh back home on the jeepney.

– my new fav sentence is: “we will believe for them that they can” in reference to something impossible attempted to be carried out…

– i think raining season has begun… it did not rain at all until 3 days ago – and in 3 days it has rained for at least 6 times

– tonight i really really really scrubbed my feet and they feel soft and human again.

– i am tired but sattisfied