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sharing my bed

well overall im really enjoying my time here

im loving sharing life with lydia – she is a gift from God

im loving sharing life with our ate’s* who are hosting us – they are faithful, wise, respectable and hilarious women

im loving sharing life with people ive met; the philippino’s are loving, jovial and hard working and the ex-pats are loving, passionate and truly here to serve.

im really NOT enjoying:
-having boobs
-being so hot that my skin feels like i have a fever all the time (dont worry mom, i dont. also this qualifies as a Its So Hot That…)
-sharing my personal space with cockroaches and salamanders – i feel like if i dont touch them they shouldnt touch me
-sharing my food and my kitchen with ants
-sharing my bed with various bugs – ants, some other thing and i think maybe fleas… they jump. but praise God nothing has bitten me yet!

so yeah

thats it for now

*(sounds like ‘ah-teh’)


my feet feel clean

this is a brief post just about some thoughts and observances i have at 2am.

– here is a pic of lydia me and our already home american friend Ziwei doing the philippino sign for good looking

– here’s a link to Lydia’s blog. Shes my partner in anti-crime here for the next 5 months and she is equally as awesome as the mangos

– it was a very long day and ended with a philippino despedida at our house… so of course that meant karaoke and lots of food!

– ITS SO HOT THAT… the 3 L tub of ice cream we got to make banana splits for the despedida almost completely melted in the 10 minutes it took us to get home from the store

– boys here dance (even when theres no girls dancing). and they are joyful.

– im very thankful for canadian health care

– im no longer phased by puppies being sold out of a bucket

– i dropped some french down at the Canadian embassey in a meeting with a Quebecois CIDA rep, and all im saying is that we got some untypical results out of that meeting: 1) an application for funding for our ministry 2) an invitation to debreif over lunch with us and her whole department in october.

– i finally unpacked my suitcase

– i have devised an anti-cockroach system in our room. we are in phase 1 – which is blocking the bathroom drain with a bucket and dont hit it when you brush your teeth. we will be moving into phase 2 this weekend, consisting of wire mesh and duct tape

– people look at you all the time if you are white. you honestly cant even pick your nose.

– people look at you even stranger if you are white and are carrying a 1 metre roll of wire mesh back home on the jeepney.

– my new fav sentence is: “we will believe for them that they can” in reference to something impossible attempted to be carried out…

– i think raining season has begun… it did not rain at all until 3 days ago – and in 3 days it has rained for at least 6 times

– tonight i really really really scrubbed my feet and they feel soft and human again.

– i am tired but sattisfied

dreamer, nothing but a dreamer…

well deer ones (get it! i totally just made that up)…  stats, messages and comments tell me you’re reading my blog



i appologize for the lack new material and general un-excitment in this corner of the web.

it is not from a lack of stories or sights to tell of so im going to blame this PROBLEM on of my STRENGTHS

we did a ‘Strengths Finder’ personality test as a part of our internship training and one of my top five strengths was IDEATION. when i heard it – i, like you, thought THATS NOT A REAL THING! but as the book went on to explain, it means i love to dream dreams, new dreams, BIG dreams and have a never ending supply of ideas… usually pretty awesome ones that people would write books about if they were ever seen to fruition. but that plethora of ideas/stories/thoughts also lends itself to the problem of follow through because who has time to finish these things once they’ve begun?… there’s more ideas, dreams and thoughts to be had!  hence why i have 3 really great idea’s for blog posts STARTED in my draft folder but not finished…

so here, PAT and others

AN UPDATED POST! (and i really did appreciate your nudging)

lets begin again with light and airy and save the hard stuff for another day.

here’s something that could change how we live forever…

i have figured out a new form of temperature measurement that is bound to unite the world all too often divided by Celsius and Fahrenheit.  it just so happens that it is also a new segment of my blog that i will include from time to time. the segment (and measurement system) is called: “IT’S SO STINKIN HOT THAT…”

let me demonstrate:

‘Its so stinkin hot that… when i pour my shampoo into my hand it is warmer than my hand… and im pretty sure my body temperature is at boiling’

see! its a very easy measurement system that anyone can use.

so again, to be sure you understand:

‘its so stinkin hot that… when lydia and i get to work we crouch down almost on top of the nearest fan and blow it up our shirts, skirts and shorts and we dont even care that you think that sounds sketchy. fan + sweat-soaked clothes from 25 minutes of jeepnies and walking = 5 minutes of the closest thing we have to air conditioning… and it is sweet sweet gold”

now for some breif stories….

1) the other morning i woke up and walked into the bathroom and found a butiki (house lizzard) on our wall. i didnt know if they bit or jumped – so i didnt shower… THATS how creeped out i was

2) the other night i got up to pee, turned on the bathroom light and saw a 2 inch ipis (cockroach) hanging out on the showers ledge… i went to go get the Raid but when i got back i couldnt find him anywhere…  so i closed the bathroom and blocked access to our room with plastic bags under the door.

3) the other day at work i had just grabbed a spoon from the drawer and then moved to the other side of the kitchen to retrieve my food, when i saw a 4 or 5 inch gagamba (spider) scurry away from below the counter where my flip-flopped foot once stood. (this word is easy to remember because i think ‘BAAAAAHHHHHH’ at the end – a la kevin mcallister)

4) our American friend Ziwei is currently in-flight heading back to California. She has been great at adopting us and acquainting us with life in Metro Manila. Your hilarious imagination will be missed ZEDway!

This is in “REMEMBRANCE” of you (ha!)

Lydia, Ziwei and the 'non-person' (!)

so thats it for now im EXHAUSTED and haven’t really rested since i got here… mostly just crashed and done it all over again…

so sunny friends, enjoy tuesday… it was a good one!


***Lyrics and Link to Supertramp’s ‘Dreamer’ ***

(please note: i specifically chose this version of the song on youtube for its awesome graphics… and you’re welcome)

Dreamer, you know you are a dreamer
Well can you put your hands in your head, oh no!
I said dreamer, you’re nothing but a dreamer
Well can you put your hands in your head, oh no!
I said “Far out, – What a day, a year, a laugh it is!”
You know, – Well you know you had it comin’ to you,
Now there’s not a lot I can do

Dreamer, you stupid little dreamer;
So now you put your head in your hands, oh no!
I said “Far out, – What a day, a year, a laugh it is!”
You know, – Well you know you had it comin’ to you,
Now there’s not a lot I can do.

Well work it out someday

If I could see something
You can see anything you want boy
If I could be someone-
You can be anyone, celebrate boy.
If I could do something-
Well you can do something,
If I could do anything-
Well can you do something out of this world?

Take a dream on a Sunday
Take a life, take a holiday
Take a lie, take a dreamer
dream, dream, dream, dream, dream along…

Dreamer, you know you are a dreamer
Well can you put your hands in your head, oh no!
I said dreamer, you’re nothing but a dreamer
Well can you put your hands in your head, oh no!