im HERE!



we just got back from an evening stroll to the mall to enjoy some “air-con”, “halo halo” and  to learn the route to take to get to the jeepnies that will take us to work each day. while we were out our hosts surprised us with the halo halo, and i didnt want to seem rude, so we will find out tomorrow if the water used for the ice chips was filtered or not! here’s hoping the answer is YES!

Its friday evening here – which means we have the weekend for our hosts to orient us beforer we have to be in any form responsible.
it was nice to have today just to adjust to the time and the heat… just last weekend there was still snow in the shade of the albertan trees, and tonight i walked below hanging palm branches…

right now – im not sure that i prefer one ‘life’ or the other… im in a space in between preference at this moment BUT I DO KNOW that its nice to have a ‘home’ again and also that i would love to be rolling in some snow right now!

so i think ill try to end my posts with brief blurps of thoughts; the good, the bad and the ugly just to categories some ideas.
the good: we have a shower!
the bad: the only setting is cold…
the ugly: me rocking the un-showered travel / hot sweaty foreigner look…
the best: how much you love me! thank you for your emails and FB notes… THANK YOU!

now for some cold water to rectify that ugly!
much love